The World's Largest Display Case
Using Sphere to turn the Las Vegas skyline into a larger-than-life display case for the NFL's most coveted treasure, it's 57 Super Bowl rings.
Designing for the Sphere is a double-edged sword. The possibilities are literally, endless. It takes great restraint to keep things simple and lean into authenticity. The 57 Super Bowl ring activation was just that. No advertising, no messaging, no song and dance–just beautiful artifacts of the highest order, slowly spinning on the skyline. 'Nuff said. 
Client: NFL / Sphere
Sector: Sports, Entertainment
Discipline: Event Marketing
Creative Direction: Dane Storrusten
Photography: NFL Films
Media Contributors: Sphere Creative 
The process could have gone several ways, but time was not our side. With just 3 weeks to react, we took a simpler approach. Instead of heavy 3D scanning, complex photogrammetry, and other techniques, we pitched an idea for a single image that could map onto the globe and give the illusion of a volumetric display. It was the most practical solution, and perhaps, all we needed.
With the help of NFL Films, we photographed all 57 rings from 8 directions to give us isometric views of each angle of the ring. From there the NFL creative team in Los Angeles cut and stitched each angle together into a flat image map with some counter distortion to minimize stretching. We created a seamless loop at the seam and wah lah, a simulated volumetric presentation of a ring.

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