New to the SPHL
A new expansion team in the Southern Pacific Hockey League  representing the rich, musical, Bluegrass traditions of southern Mississippi.
Two passions in one–hockey and music. Gridiron Labs partnered with EBBseven Media to build a new league expansion brand, Biloxi Bluegrass. With Bluegrass, of course,  comes banjos. Additional themes were explored in the nautical realm, but the banjo concept brought a much more vibrance to fan-focused experiences, cheers, slogans, etc.  “Skate faster, we hear banjos!”

Since the city name, nickname and banjo’s all start with “B”, it would've been a moral sin not to focus the mark around a single B character, or monogram. Iteration brought us to a beautifully integrated, stylized  “B” and upright banjo with the neck reaching through the top hole.
Color Palette
We were inspired by the punch and tradition of a navy, gold and white scheme, often associated with naval/nautical references. The combination makes for beautiful striping patterns. Inspiration was drawn from the likes of Michigan Wolverines, Hampton Admirals and indirectly the St. Louis Blues.​​​​​​​
Uniform Design
The uniforms lean on traditional striping and collar with unique patch designs for the sleeves. Subtle Bluegrass inspired ornaments and flourishes adorn the jersey waistline. A “fauxback” option was included that utilized classic numbering and two tone navy and cream color palette–bearing the secondary logo with a city wordmark stretched across the state of Mississippi.

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