The Cleveland Browns
The search for a timeless primary mark that respects the past and lives up to the modern "brandscape" of the NFL.
The Cleveland Browns have survived the past 50 years with an eclectic set of brand marks and wordmarks that have persisted, but lacked timelessness, stability, and relevance compared to the purity of their 1950’s themed uniforms, logo-free head gear, bold striping patterns, and untouchable color palette.

In 2015, Gridiron Lab dug deep into the fan culture in Cleveland and set out to explore a variety of primary mark studies to help translate the powerful Browns on-field persona to the field while gracefully supporting modern brand applications required of a professional football team (broadcast graphics, digital media, merchandise, fan gear, sideline gear, etc.) One with timelessness, integrity, and respect for the storied history of the franchise. The outcome was over 1 million impressions from fans all over the country weighing with praise, possibilities, and valuable critique–proving that involving customers (fans) is a non-negotiable part of any design process.

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