Hello, I'm an award-winning, San Diego-based Creative Director and Designer that builds supercharged brands and interactive experiences that excite, elevate, and empower–across sports, entertainment, and technology.
I'm not the one-size-fits-all, commercial brand firm. I play one position, and play it well–by focusing my skills, time, research, and passion solely on sports, entertainment, and technology. I provide these industries with targeted creative strategy and design for their brands and products, with a great story lighting the fire beneath.
It's all about homework, studying history, and keeping a relentless pulse on future trends. I can provide leadership and influence with startups or navigate and gain consensus within complex, mature organizations. I build brands and experiences that captivate audiences on impact and flourish in the wild.
The story is simple. I design brands and products we've always wanted to see growing up. We make ourselves a part of every project by living and breathing it. I choose SoCal because of it's rich sports & entertainment roots, as well as its ever-changing landscape of innovation and flavor.
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