NFL Network Reborn.
Reimagining the next chapter of NFL Network's Exclusive Game packaging–targeted at a more youthful, vibrant identity and brand language–with notes of audacity.
Client: NFL Network
Sector: Sports
Discipline: Brand Identity, Motion Graphics
Creative Director: Dane Storrusten
Brand Agency: LoyalKaspar
Design Agency: TwoFresh TV
More than a badge.
The NFL Network Exclusive Games logo mark is designed to be an acrobat. It has a great many responsibilities such as holding up unique events within the series including international games, triple-headers, and holiday games. We created responsive elements within the mark that can shapeshift into additional communication elements such as a ticker and title card.
The "stage/screen" element is infused into the DNA of the TV GFX package as an iconic expression of the new brand as well as an anchor for every layout.
Supersonic Package Design
Working with TwoFresh TV, we took an approach that was graphic design forward, and put the 32 NFL clubs and it's players, front and center. 
Modularity was key for longevity–and to provide variety with elements of surprise sprinkled throughout.
The result is an award-winning GFX package that has plenty of flavor to forge the future.
Hi-Fi Insert System
Audacious Marketing + Promotion
A modular TV broadcast package helped us fuel on and off-platform marketing needs by reusing GFX package elements and assets with little to no heavy lifting.
Irresistible Swag
If it doesn't work on a hat... well it's not ready for Primetime. Employees, staff, partners, and on-air talent flaunted the new badge domestically and internationally.

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