Subtlety in a Sea of Noise
Cobra Golf’s award-winning King LTD driver stands out like a moment of serenity in a battlefield of design overload.
Since 2011 we've had the pleasure of working with Cobra Golf's talented design team. The most recent engagement was working with Cobra on their aptly named, King LTD–the industry's first "zero CG driver".
Zero CG: Shots to the Moon
Our mission was to create a more casual, subtle, iconic form focused purely on performance and distance. The "Zero CG" driver aims to help the average golfer send shots to the moon.
The design boasts fewer surface changes and strategic graphics applications–to offset the over-saturated, over-designed golf driver market. The Cobra Puma Golf design team took things to the next level with the “Spaceport” feature and artistic detail on the head interior. The result was another 2016 Golf Digest Hot List nomination.

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