A New Way to Build Cars?
A green, 3D print automotive manufacturing platform that radically reduces materials, energy, and cost–and a 700HP supercar to prove it.
Gridiron Labs worked closely with Kevin Czinger to develop a new brand message, marketing campaign, and premium microsite for his new automotive platform launch, Divergent 3D Microfactories. The motivation behind Divergent 3D's mission is: the way we build our cars has far more impact on the environment than the way we drive our cars. The campaign included a brand audit, microsite, and custom presentation materials for Kevin’s keynote speech at the O’Reilly Solid Conference in San Francisco, where he unveiled Blade, his 700HP 3D printed supercar prototype–demonstrating that we can still build beautiful, high performance cars that are also sustainable and responsible. Since the launch, Divergent 3D has won a "We Solve for X Moonshot Thinking" award and has been featured in elite publications such as Popular Science, Time Magazine, and Forbes.
Press Microsite
A floodgate for press on launch day. Brand messaging, vision video, visual press kits, capture contacts for partners and investors
Informative takeaway infographics designed to resonate with an eager and non-technical public.

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