The Now Fun League
NFL pioneers an all new Fantasy Football brand & experience that reaches a younger, more casual audience to help grow a plateaued market.
Client: NFL
Sector: Sports
Discipline: Brand Identity
Creative Direction: Dane Storrusten
Art Direction / Design: Carlos Aguero,  Cari Chadwick
Media Design Contributors: ???
that aims to makes YOU, the star of your own show, about your league. a cross-platform brand identity that's simply put, more fun and more flexible. Every touchpoint of the NFL Fantasy Football eco-system are driven by the brand language of the NFL Fantasy mobile app. A truly "Mobile-first" approach. From the NFL Network live show to digital content on NFL's owned and operated platforms ( and social channels–the new NFL Fantasy brand language reflects the fantasy football game experience...
All New App Experience
NFL Fantasy boasts an all-new app experience that's supercharged and high performance, but in the image of enjoyment & fun.
The Logo
A logo that acts as a chameleon to the wide variety of content experiences it represents.
The development process started by looking within the action sports industry–finding brands that exemplify the culture of fearless, hyper-fueled, high-flying athletes that hang their hat on loyalty. At the end of the day, the lens ends up being that of an apparel brand. Would riders buy it if it was on a cap, hoodie or T-shirt? 
We developed a strong logotype that can live as a primary, secondary and even tertiary element in an environment of a powerful title sponsorship. It began with a hand-crafted typeface is built for pure performance–rooted in geometry and precision so it can live in any environment at any scale. Along with it, a minimalist monogram mark that shares the same DNA as its wordmark counterpart.

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