Dane Storrusten is a Los Angeles based athletic design & brand consultant laser-focused on professional sports brands, team logos, athlete identities, and uniform design.

Team Brands

Full, professional team brand identity systems

Uniform Design

Innovative on-field uniform design and styling concepts

Athlete Brands

Unique, individual athlete brand identity systems

Creative Labs

Concept development and experimental design applications

Bay Area Sea Lions Helmets


Helmet design “The Gridiron Way” is a super specialized craft involving photo shoots, building digital layers of helmet components and endless tweaks and rotations in the quest for a perfected finished product.  more

New Jersey Generals Branding


The New Jersey Generals logo design project was an awesome opportunity to help the A11 Professional Spring Football League re-launch one of the USFL’s strongest and most notorious team brands in the New York market. more

New Jersey Generals Helmets


With the New Jersey Generals’ re-brand focusing on a deeper military tie than the original, it opened up an amazing opportunity to create a series of helmets that represented different elements of the armed forces to  more

Dallas Wranglers Helmets


In building the helmet designs for the Dallas Wranglers professional spring football team, it was vital for the brand to stand to-to-toe and even exceed the Longhorns and Cowboys iconic identities. To achieve these goals, we pressed the  more

Bay Area Sea Lions Uniform Concepts


With so much passion put forth in designing the Bay Area Sea Lions branding, it was only natural the same enthusiasm was applied to concept Sea Lions uniforms.  We were super-excited to see the uniforms get developed and see how the uniforms support this unique team brand. more

New Jersey Generals Uniform Concepts


The versatility of the New Jersey Generals’ branding and subsequent helmet series creates a limitless canvas for uniform design concepts. Staying true to the heavy military theme, Gridiron Labs has produced three concept uniforms for New Jersey fans that will make the Generals the envy of the A11FL. more