The New Missoula Jr. Bruins
Purchasing a new team is a massive undertaking. The most impactful and difficult obstacle to overcome is how the brand will survive the transition.
It can go one of two ways.  It’s rejected by fans, players, and alumni because it’s ungenuine. Or, it's embraced with full force and viewed as an exciting new era in the teams history. Gridiron Labs is pleased to share our latest collaboration with the Missoula Jr. Bruins hockey team in the North American Tier III Hockey League (NA3HL)–working with new team owners, Jason and Elizabeth DiMatteo, who have urged a new team name and brand identity as the mark of a new chapter to propel an up & coming hockey culture in Missoula, MT. The Bruins are well equipped with daring new uniforms and fresh fan gear. We look forward to much success for the Bruins in NA3HL.
Action Photography by John Sieber

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